Thursday, October 29, 2020

Xboat Fanzine Issue #3



The new issue of the Xboat fanzine arrived in the mail a couple of days ago, this time with a couple Traveller cards. Gotta love those freebies! Sorry, the Ako Dice are not included. Congratulations again to Rob Eaglestone for his great work!


  1. Very nice! It's always good to get some freebies!

  2. How does one sign up for this fanzine?

    1. It's from Rob Eaglestone's kickstarter from last year. I don't know if print versions will be made available. All issues released so far can be purchased in PDF form from RPG Drive Thru. Just Google "RPG drive thru Xboat" to find them.

  3. Cool! Another question, if I may. You and I talked about your Hammer class light merchant a while back, as I was going to modify it for GURPS Traveller. Well, our group has given our Hammer class (Silver Hammer) a run thru the wringer, and we're starting to look for something bigger. I'm looking to do a modification of your Sharptooth Armed Merchant, but I can't seem to find a write-up for it that gives more than a one line description. Where might I look for something more substantial?

  4. I don't really provide write-ups for my ships. I usually just provide the basic stats and overall type and let the players fill in the gaps. There was a little bit of discussion about it on the Citizens of the Imperium forum which can be found here: