Sunday, February 19, 2017

Traveller 15mm Deck Plan Collection

I've taken all my deck plans to date and reformatted them for 15mm figure use. All sheets are now 18"x24" (apologies to all you metric system users). I've also updated the drawings to include:
  • slightly revised Hammer Class Merchant ship
  • Hammer-Hunter variant for bounty hunters
  • Ore-Hammer variant for prospectors
  • Nirvana Class Dropship long range variant
EDIT 10-21-2018
A couple minor edits:
The X-boat station was incorrectly shown as 200 tons, when it is in fact 400 tons. The Hammer Class prospector variant was incorrectly called an Ore-Hunter, where it should have been called an Ore-Hammer. The PDF with all the 15mm deck plans has been updated.

All of these are included in a single PDF file and can be downloaded here: Traveller 15mm Deck Plan Collection