Saturday, November 18, 2017

Excerpts from the upcoming Starship Geomorph book

I've been feeling pretty bad about not having any time to put into my Traveller hobby and blog these last six months. Rather then just let the blog rot on the vine I've decided to start adding some of the images from my upcoming* book of Starship Geomorphs. It will be less of a surprise when the book is complete, but give those interested something to look at in the meantime.    * by upcoming I mean whenever the hell I can get around to it

So here's a couple of geomorphs to tide you over: a Drop Capsule Troop Deck and a Hangar for the Nirvana Class Dropship. I've also added an illustration for what a Traveller ship's armory might look like.

You can see my post on Drop Capsules [here] and the Nirvana Class Dropship [here].