Sunday, July 26, 2020

Starship Geomorphs 2.0

The Starship Geomorphs book has been revised and expanded and is now available for free download.


The biggest change is the addition of two new types of geomorphs, Ends and Aerofins, which will help make your geomorphs layouts have a more streamlined, sci fi aesthetic.

The new book features...
   Over 50 new pages, fully bookmarked and hyperlinked!
   Over 80 new geomorphs and geomorph accessories!
   Over 1 new illustrations!
   Very slightly modified cover!
   Same low price!
... and who knows how many little anal-retentive tweaks! For the meticulously curious, my marked up copy of version 1.1 changes can be found  >>[HERE]<<.

I will be working with Marc Miller to produce a Print On Demand version. It is my hope that over the next couple weeks the Traveller community will review this version for spelling, grammatical, and graphic errors and give me feedback so that any corrections can be made before before the print version becomes available.

Coincidentally, the original geomorphs blog entry from October 2018 just passed 20,000 page views last week. I have no idea how many actual downloads that might be, but I'm delighted the community has shown enthusiasm for this work. Stay safe and Happy Travelling!