Friday, January 29, 2016

Illustration - Space Station

A space station example using geomorphs from the sketch below. 24 sections 2 standard geomorphs wide by 6 decks deep would make this about 60,000 dTons or about the equivalent of a 3 million square foot building. The innermost ring "spine" is for quick circulation, a combination tram, light vehicle path and pedestrian path - just under a half mile circumference. I've included a variety of standard ships for scale.


  1. Why is it a ring, does it spin for centrifugal gravity? If not won't cube work better?

    1. This is an example from my Starship Geomorphs book about how geomorphs can be combined in different ways to make space stations. They don't have to be combined to make a ring. It's just a shape. It can spin if you want. They can be combined to make cubes or whatever if you want. That the point.