Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Additional Illustrations - Starship: 200 ton Armed Merchant

Additional images of the Sharptooth Class 200 ton Armed Merchant, loading cargo in a landing bay. I redesigned the rear cargo area to have an EVA room, additional ship's lockers, and standard airlock. The adjacent Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser is heavily influenced by (read: ripped off from) the work of Ian Stead. Check out his work if you haven't already. The model of the scout ship was done by Cyberia23 at the SketchUp warehouse.


  1. Ah, Lifters! Keeping berthing bays clean since the Second Imperium. Ramshackle Empire, my butt.

  2. The Sharptooth is a nice design. I've pinned a link to it on the COTI Discord server. Please come join us there.