Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Year In Review

It's been just over one year since my initial blog post on January 17, 2016. I figured it is a good time for some introspection and maybe a peek into the near future.

The Boring Blog Stats:
Total pageviews: 32,849 - much higher that I would have anticipated. Possibly erroneous as I have noticed a steady +30 views per day since December, regardless of new posts.

Audience - views by country:
   United States       23,563
   Russia                    1,829
   United Kingdom    1,527
   Canada                      995
   France                       778
Nothing too surprising here, I guess, except for Russia. My Russian speaking skills are worse than my Vargr or Zhodani, so I'll just say "Greetings, comrades!"

Most viewed post: Destiny Class 200 ton Yacht, followed by Sharptooth Class 200 ton Armed Merchant, and the Hammer Class 100 ton Merchant.

Comments: 111
Followers: 2 - Hey, ya gotta start somewhere! Thanks guys.

Highlights of the Year
  • My A-Z Blog Challenge in September was probably the most difficult and most rewarding.
  • Comments and constructive criticism from everyone at the Citizens of the Imperium forum. Sharp group of grognards over there, and I learn something just about every time I visit. Whipsnade's comments on my X-Boat Station were particularly enlightening.
  • Seeing my work come up in Google searches - it's a cheap thrill I know, but I'm still pretty new to this online thing.
  • I was contacted by Horizon Games regarding inclusion of some of my artwork into the forthcoming Traveller Customizable Card Game. I'm waiting for a signed contract, so it is not a done deal, but they are understandably busy.
What's in store for 2017?
  • 600 ton "adventurer" ship - I've been collaborating with a viewer on a new ship. Hopefully deck plans, artwork, and stats will be posted for that within the next few weeks.
  • Starship Geomorphs book - I've got literally hundreds of geomorphs drawn. I just have to work on some miscellaneous text, do another 6-10 illustrations, tweak some of the geomorphs, and possibly re-examine the format. The book (PDF) will either be free from my blog or possibly a "pay what you want" download from Drive Thru RPG.
  • Another blog challenge - Not sure when I will do this, but I would prefer sooner than later. I will probably go for something like a 30 day/30 post challenge instead of doing an alphabetical one.
  • Referee Emulator Spreadsheet - I think it is great that there has been such a high demand for this. I wish I had considered that when I started it. Lots of clean up and reformatting required. Knowing me I'll probably want to add a bunch of stuff as well.
  • More ship plans! More robots! More free stuff!
Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and kind words. I'm looking forward to another Traveller filled year!


  1. If by 'friend' you mean RSS feed subscriber, that would be me!

  2. I recently discovered your work while searching for some yacht deck plans to use in a game to introduce people to Traveller. Everybody was incredibly impressed with it and the noble (the owner of the yacht) even took the printout home with them. Thanks for the great work you're doing here, it really is a great help for those of us who aren't as talented design wise!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Always happy to hear my stuff if being used in games!

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  4. A lot of great work here, please keep up this blog.
    And "привет, товарищ!" ("greetings, comrade!") from Russia, too :)