Monday, November 11, 2019

Interview with Marc Miller and Starship Geomorphs update

I really enjoy watching interviews with Marc Miller. I'm not sure how I missed this one, from GaryCon last March, but since it currently only has 25 views I'm guessing a lot of you haven't seen it either. It is well worth watching in my opinion. Big thanks to Luke Gygax for posting this to YouTube. Here's a link to help boost the signal: GCXI Panel: Traveller.

In the interview, there is some discussion about a print version of the Starship Geomorphs book. This is something I still very much want to do and am working toward that goal, but I currently have a lot of Traveller irons in the fire and no more spare time than usual. I am in the process of creating a new section for the book called End Geomorphs. These are geomorphs that are designed to connect to only one other geomorph. I'm not sure yet how many of the new geomorphs I will create, but I expect the final print version will be between 200 and 220 pages, including new artwork. December is generally a slow month for me, so hopefully this will be complete and ready to print in early 2020.

Here is an example of an End geomorph, a bridge for a large scale ship with stations based loosely on the Azhanti High Lightning:


  1. I've used your geomorphs in my CT game and they're fantastic. I'm really looking forward to seeing more specialized maps such as this bridge.

  2. You most certainly have my attention. Should you put something on 'Drivethrough' or other stores you will also, most certainly, have my moneys. :)

  3. I've used them as well - great resource! Going to use them this week to design the big wreck for my Jan /Feb game. And will probably use your bridge above.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing that link... Oddly enough, I was just FB chatting with Marc yesterday...

  5. Hi Robert, I have extracted all of the pages into individual, editable, SVG files for use with programs like inkscape.
    I can provide them as a zip file if you would want to provide them for people who want to mix/match/print out their own combinations, or who want to change items on the pages.

    1. That would be great. You can email them to me at Thanks!