Sunday, February 11, 2018

Traveller Customizable Card Game

Just got this in the mail this week. This is the Collector's Edition with the additional Subsidized Merchant, Aliens of the Imperium, and Trouble on the Mains decks. I'm pretty impressed with the quality. I haven't had time to really go through it all and learn how game play works. Congratulations to Jeff Yin and Horizon Games for their successful Kickstarter campaign and for surviving the production process!

Learn more at the Traveller CCG website
Some of the artwork from my blog even made it into the game. Woohoo! I've officially left my mark on the Traveller universe. Now if I can just keep the BuffBot from going haywire!


  1. I was told one of the editions of the game would include some of my card artwork. Don't remember what support level a buyer would have to be to get them.

    1. The contributor's page has you listed for the "First Empire Star Jumper" and "The Tigress' Wake" cards, neither of which are in the sets I have. Kind of makes me want to order the others just so I have a full set.

    2. I went and looked at that page just now. Wow! Lot's of artists that were involved there.