Saturday, February 24, 2018

Traveller Podcasts and YouTube videos

Apologies to National Lampoon magazine

I listen to a wide variety of podcasts that cover many topics. For fun, I often listen to gaming related podcast and watch gaming related YouTube videos. I've listed a few of the podcasts and videos I've been consuming over the past few years. It's always interesting to see how others are playing my favorite game.
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Space Jerks - The NSFW Classic Traveller Podcast
In honor of the new kids on the Traveller podcast block, I wanted to throw a shout out to Space Jerks, who released their first episode yesterday. There are some good, groan-worthy puns: "I'll buy shots first" states one player, while visiting a Star Wars cantina-themed bar (get it? "shots first"!). If you like your podcasts sprinkled liberally with F-bombs and other adult language, give them a listen. (1 episode so far)

The Behind the Claw Podcast
I came across this one late in the game and just as I was getting into it Felbrigg stopped producing them. Definitely worth a listen. (33 episodes)

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast
Among the many games they present is a Star Wars campaign played with the Mongoose Traveller rules. (13 episodes of their Star Wars Traveller game and many, many others)

Fear the Boot RPG Podcast
Not related to Traveller, but this is one of my favorite RPG podcasts. Producing regularly since 2006, they've covered just about every RPG topic imaginable. (475 episodes and counting)

YouTube Videos

Happy Jacks RPG's YouTube Channel
More RPG goodness from Happy Jacks, who've recorded actual gameplay at the table of their Ashes for Exodus campaign using Mongoose Traveller.

Olympus RPG Group's You Tube Channel
Gameplay videos of their GURPS Traveller "The New Deal" campaign using Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop online gaming software.

Shawn Driscoll's You Tube Channel
One of the Traveller community's most prolific Renaissance men, Shawn's videos cover topics from computer programming, character generation, 3D modeling, rendering, and thoughts about RPGs in general.

Complex Games Apologist You Tube Channel
Provides "in-depth video essays" on a variety of role playing games, including several relating to Traveller. Interesting stuff from a metagame perspective.

What Are Your Favorites?

These are only a few of the many I've watched or listened to over the years. I've tried to focus on those content creators who have produced more than just one or two episodes. Am I missing anything? What are your favorite RPG related podcasts and videos?


  1. The Behind the Claw podcast was very good. Enjoyed it.

  2. I loved "Behind the Claw." Always a fun listen.