Friday, March 1, 2019

Yet Another Traveller Blog Facebook page

I've created a Facebook page to complement this blog. I'm hoping it will be a bit more conversational and plan to post a bit more in the way of general thoughts and ideas, as well as works in progress for feedback.

Check it out here: Yet Another Traveller Blog Facebook page


  1. Sadly I don't do Facebook, I just check back here every so often to see what you've got. And it is always great stuff, so thanks!

  2. We've shared it on the Traveller CCG Facebook page!

  3. Hey Robert, I appreciate your deckplanning work to date, and was wondering if there's a "Standard" set of symbols that has been used (or slowly added to) over the years for Traveller deckplans?

    AND I was wondering if we're MISSING some useful symbols as well? Or perhaps there are symbols which were once in use but have since dropped out?

    I think of this, because deckplans were originally for D&D-style dungeon crawl wargaming, but today are probably more about role-playing than wargaming. Just wondering!