Sunday, July 7, 2019

Scout Grav Bike

I finally had a little time over the July 4th weekend so decided to model Rob Caswell's great grav bike design from Grand Census / World Builder's Handbook. I had to take a few creative liberties - not unusual when going from 2D to 3D - but I think I got it pretty close.

Rob Caswell's original artwork

My take on the grav bike in 3D.
Yes, that's a sawed off shotgun tucked into the fairing.
A lone scout, loaded with gear, explores the inhospitable desert region of an alien world.


  1. Great rendering, Robert. Nothing says Traveller like Shotguns in Space! If I were to ride that bike for long distances over alien terrain, I'd rather have a recumbent seat. Leaning on the handles would be tiring.

  2. Awesome! Looks great. Regarding leaning forward -- one hopes they'd have a semi-intelligent autopilot program, so you could lie back, kick your feet up and have a nap!

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. I figure this is the far future, so the bike would probably have an adjustable seat and controls for multiple riding configurations and comfort. I'm thinking I should do a "rogue" variation with ape hangers and a teardrop tank. Maybe a scantily clad green alien "back warmer".

  4. Robert, I'm about to publish a podcast episode about Traveller. May I use the color Grav Bike Rider image on your blog? I will of course link back to your incredible blog. I love your work! Thanks - Bob Loftin -

  5. No problem. I look forward to hearing your podcast.

    1. Thank, Robert. Here's a link to the podcast episode.