Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Xboat Fanzine Issue #1

I just received this in the mail. Congratulations to Robert Eaglestone for his successful Kickstarter campaign. It's always great to see new Traveller products being developed to keep the game not just alive, but thriving. I'm honored to have been a part. Ian Stead's cover art blows my socks off and I can't stop looking at it.

For those who didn't fund the Kickstarter and are interested in purchasing issues, I'd suggest to keep your eyes on the Traveller Facebook groups for more info. I think Rob's got his hands full right now making sure all the orders get processed. I'll post an update here when I find out what his plans are.

As one of the contributing artists, and having had access to the texts for months, I think I'm too close to the project to provide any kind of review. I'm curious to hear what the people new to the fanzine have to say. I do have one minor complaint, which I've already read echoed by other Kickstarter contributors - the 'zine came in the mail just as it is shown, so there was a small bit of damage that occurred during delivery. A couple crunched corners and a few bent pages inside. Nothing to cry over, but not pristine. Maybe some kind of mailer can be used for the next issue.

To all the supporters, I hope you enjoy this addition to your library. Happy Travelling, everyone!

UPDATE 2020-06-18
XBOAT Issue #1 PDF is now available on DriveThruRPG. You can purchase it here: XBOAT #1.


  1. Well crud, I missed this kickstarter I think. And I KNEW about it. I think it slipped my mind, and now I am BUMMED. GAAAAAAH!

  2. I was lucky - mine came in pristine unlike most of my mail.

    It is a good throwback to the fanzines and professional magazines of the day. Some things are dual statted, and while it is in the 1900 milieu it can all be used in various versions of Traveller. I do need to re-read it as I really only gave it a cursory look over as sadly I am not in any Traveller games at the moment.

    Here's hoping Rob can continue this after the initial KS run is over. I'd happily back again!