Saturday, October 5, 2019

What's Playing at the Starport Megaplex?

I came up with a list of a couple dozen or so movie titles that might be playing in my Traveller universe and decided to create movie posters for some of them. Sorry guys, "Debbie Does Dalos" didn't make the list. What's playing at your starport megaplex?


  1. I want a download of all of them for Movie Nights during that week of Jump downtime!

  2. This is amazing! (But I'm not going to forgive you for leaving out Debbie Does Dalos!)

  3. Ha! I tend to use this same kind of thinking when coming up with starport restaurants and other miscellaneous food-based meeting places.

    * I Can't Believe It's Not Friday
    * Space & Tater's
    * Tim Horta

    1. That's a great idea! I'll put it in my idea file and maybe riff on it when I have more time.

    2. A series of Solamni historical documentaries, recently unearthed in a collector's private vault and decoded from an archaic storage medium. Believed to show various critical incidents pre and during the First Imperium....
      Battlestar Galactica
      Stargate SG1 (recently declassified - Imperial Intelligence Service states possibility of stable wormholes, let alone controllable ones to be laughable)

  4. “When Kheadzho met Sally”. “Snow White and the seven Hivers”. “Battle for the planet of the Suerrat”. “All quiet on the spinward front”. “Lawrence of Aramanx”. “Seven Ihatei”.