Monday, September 5, 2016

E is for Engineering

A black and white illustration for the geomorph book I'm working on - a non-specific engineering room. Not necessarily a starships main engineering (although it could be) but possibly a secondary engineering space.

Whether your PCs need to fix it, defend it, sabotage it, or search it - this may be the room they're looking for:
  • the fusion reactor control room of an asteroid colony
  • air scrubbers in an research facility on a planet with a tainted atmosphere
  •  the highport life support equipment terrorists are intent on destroying
  • the unfathomable workshop and experimental time machine of that evil genius Dr. Chronos
  • the last known location of the cute little alien you picked up at your last stop. Ew - what's this slimy stuff?
  • the misplaced cryo-containment unit storing the forgotten zombie virus

1 comment:

  1. So, how do think it lived if it was full of air?

    Hope it's not chicken again, I hate the chicken.