Thursday, September 22, 2016

R is for Robot

"Some nights I wake up and can still hear their screams." - Marden Garroway, Assistant Purser aboard the Tukera Lines passenger liner Lady of Regina, regarding the BuffBot 2000 incident of 1106.

The BuffBot 3000 series is the latest in a long line of successful robots created by Ikeda Robotics. Smaller than it's infamous predecessor, the new model features all the same ship-cleaning features at a markedly lower price. In an attempt to win back the market share from its larger competitor, Ling Standard Products, Ikeda is practically giving away their new janitorial model and even Tukera is considering placing them on their liners again.

Ikeda Robotics' one black mark is, of course, the Lady of Regina incident, which claimed the lives of seven passengers including Sir Ellis Tenhuff of Inthe and noted theoretical jump physicist Serina Drexler of Regina. Investigators were never able to determine the cause of the Buffbot's malfunction, but Ikeda executives maintain the robot had been tampered with. The more creative and less journalistically rigorous members of the press insisted that the whole event was to cover the assassination of the young noble Tenhuff, while others believed it had to do with Drexler's ground-breaking work on Project LongJump. Both Ikeda Robotics and Tukera Lines were cleared of all accusations of negligence due to lack of evidence.


  1. Always with bad robot stories. Never the good robot stories where JanBot6000 saved sixteen lives during the RHYLANOR SUNRISE incident.

    "Yeah, but what if it was both and the other five were the cover?" unnamed INI agent to Daily Inquirer.

    In other news Lt. Smythe-Jonson was declared dead at the scene of a Grav Speeder accident. Local authorities are looking for any information on his whereabouts in the last 24 T-Standard Hours. While they have requested information they have yet to issue a preliminary finding.

  2. Excellent work. I think I will be dropping this into my campaign. * evil grin *